Moving locally within the greater Atlanta area? Maybe you’re moving to Marietta or from Alpharetta. Whether your move is to Norcross or from Conyers, there are some things about short distance moves that will help you as you prepare. What you need to know about local moves includes tips about planning, packing, and using short distance movers.

Plan for Your New Home

When you’re moving within the Atlanta area, you have the opportunity to visit your new neighborhood and possibly even your new home before you move. When you’ve signed the lease or closed on the mortgage, you can drive over to your new place and measure your space, see what the neighborhood is like at different times of the day, and find new businesses for the services you’ll need.

Short distance moves usually mean you won’t need to change your car registration or driver’s license, or find a new healthcare provider. You may, though, need a new pharmacy and grocery store, as well as other services such as a fitness center. Take the time before you move to tour your new neighborhood, so you’ll know how to find what you need after you move.

Use a piece of graph paper, or a computer program if you’re comfortable with that, to map out the rooms in your new home. Determine which furniture will fit in which space – and, just as importantly, what will not fit.

Sort Before Moving

Even with a short distance move, you don’t want to move things that you won’t use or that will not work in your new home. Avoid the waste of time and money by sorting through everything and determining what can be discarded or donated before you pack it up and move it. You may only be moving across town, but you don’t need the extra boxes or the extra expense of taking stuff that you might never unpack.

Color Coordinate

Head over to your new home before you pack and mark each room with a different color, using painter’s tape or sticky notes. When you start packing, mark each box with the corresponding color for the room where those items belong. This will help you and your short distance movers know exactly where each box goes as it’s moved into your house or apartment.

Care for Your Electronics

It may be tempting to simply throw your laptop, television, and other electronics on the back seat of your car when you’re moving within the Atlanta area. However, it’s very important to take good care of these items so they’ll be ready to use as soon as you arrive in your new home. Take the time to dismantle them, pack them up (in their original boxes if you have those), and make sure you keep all the cords and attachments together with the electronic device.

For larger electronics, take a photo of the setup so you’ll know exactly where everything plugs in when you arrive. Smaller electronics can be placed in clear bags, along with any cords and attachments. Cushion the electronics carefully if you put them in moving boxes, by placing packing paper or bubble wrap between the bags.

Pack a Suitcase

Short distance moves can be tiring. You probably will not want to sort through bags and boxes after you’ve arrived in your new home to find the essentials you’ll need for your first night there. Pack a separate suitcase or box with bedding, toiletries, a change of clothes, breakfast items, and a coffee pot so you’ll be ready to settle in right away.

Decide How You Will Move

If you’re moving within the greater Atlanta area, you may want to find your own boxes and packing material, pack up those boxes, rent a truck, and then unpack everything yourself once you arrive. Or, you may prefer to hire short distance movers who will take care of all of that work for you.

A professional moving service can ensure that all of your items arrive safely, relieving you of the stress of packing and unpacking. Once you calculate the time and effort (and actual cost involved) in moving yourself, you will probably find that expert short distance movers will save you money as well as time and frustration.

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