There is no doubting the beauty of East Tennessee’s Fall foliage, but don’t let that lead you to believe that you can’t enjoy Winter in Knoxville just as much. If you’re willing to bundle up in a few extra layers, there are beautiful outdoor sights to see, but outdoors isn’t for everyone. We can keep you busy indoors too.

winter in knoxville

Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Rainbow Falls Trail – Michael Hicks

Winter in Knoxville Outdoors

Tennessee’s Ski Resort – There is only one ski resort in Tennessee and East Tennessee has it! While it’s not QUITE Winter in Knoxville, Ober Gatlinburg is close enough. Hit the slopes, whether skis or tubes are more your style. Wait times can be long and snow tubing tickets sell out, so plan accordingly! No worries if you’re new to the slopes though. Ober Gatlinburg has lessons.

Do Go Chasing Waterfalls – If you’re the adventurous type, take advantage of the season’s less crowded trails. Winter in Knoxville can be the best time to hit the trails. Fewer people often means more wildlife and you won’t believe how beautiful the mountains can be in the colder months. If you’re winter-weather friendly, we highly recommend chasing down some frozen waterfalls. Roots Rated can set you on the right path with their list of East Tennessee’s Best Waterfalls.

winter in knoxville

Virgin Falls – Anthony Jones

Take the Plunge – It’s not everyone’s cup of tea in Knoxville in Winter, but if you’re brave (and maybe a little crazy) take the polar plunge! It’s for a good cause since it’s in support of Special Olympics. If you want to jump in, you’ll need to register for this February 24th event. Just sign up, collect money, and jump right in!

We’ve just scratched the icy surface of outdoor fun for Knoxville Winters. You can take a peek at tons more cold weather activities at Roots Rated.

Winter in Knoxville Indoors

Winter Farmer’s Market – Thanks to Nourish Knoxville, you can give your body a little Winter time pick me up with some fresh, local food goods. Shop indoors, in the Historic 4th and Gill neighborhood, and stock up on pasture-raised meats, eggs, winter produce, honey, baked goods, artisan foods, and more. Outside, food trucks serve up meals made from freshly sourced ingredients. Shop two Saturdays a month, January through April – Dates are here.

Dinner and a Show – Sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate during the Winter in Knoxville and your best bet is just stay indoors. What better time is there to soak up some of Knoxville’s unique culinary scene? Grab dinner at one of the city’s finest and then take in a show at The Tenessee Theater, the state’s official theater!

winter in knoxville

Tim Bounds

Escape the Winter Blues – Escape games are all the rage and a great way to break out of the cold weather boredom. East Tennessee offers lots options from Breakout Games to EscapeWorks, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try your hand at different challenges throughout the cold weather days!

Stay Fit All Year Round – If you’re the fit, outdoorsy type, Winter in Knoxville may leave you craving some of your favorite Spring and Summer activities. No worries! Stop by Onsight Rock Gym and do a little indoor climbing. It will keep you fit, active, and ready to hit the mountains again after Spring Thaw!

Inside and Out!

Whether you’ve got the guts to bundle up and hit the slopes or you’re more inclined to stay in where your toes are toasty, Knoxville in Winter won’t let you down. There is plenty to keep you entertained throughout the colder months, both inside and out! If you’re just considering a move to Knoxville this Winter, give us a call! We’ll get you moved in and ready to explore in NO time!