Moving is stressful. Even after you’ve gone through the long and often complicated process of finding a new home, you have a lot more work to do to get ready for your actual move. While you’ll need to clean and prepare your current home, switch utilities, and notify everyone of your new address, one thing you won’t necessarily have to do yourself is pack all of your belongings. When you contract with a moving professional that offers home packing services, you can cross that stress factor off your list!

Should You Pack Yourself?

It might seem easier to pack yourself than to work with home packing services. That may be a good option for you if you have plenty of time, know how to organize your items, and understand how to pack them so they’ll be safe and secure during your move. More than likely, though, you will be pressed for time with all of the other considerations you need to attend to around your move and you honestly don’t want to have to do it all yourself.

Benefits of Home Packing Services

You have enough to do when preparing for your move. Whether you’re moving to Nashville from another state or from one part of our great town to another, you want the move to be smooth and as efficient as possible. When you work with a mover that provides home packing services, you will have a lot less to do and a lot more confidence that your items will arrive in your new home safe and sound.

Home packing services include:

  • Supplying all packing material, including boxes, tape, and labels
  • Packing your belongings and identifying where they need to go in your new home
  • Disassembling and reassembling furniture when necessary
  • Loading all of your items on the moving truck and unloading them when you arrive

Professionals who provide home packing services have the expertise you need to ensure your items are packed appropriately. For example, they know how to pack fragile items such as dishes and glasses so they’ll be protected during your move.

You’ll also save a lot of time when using home packing services. You will not have to worry about the need to search for and gather packing supplies and then painstakingly wrapping and putting your items into the right-sized boxes. Professional movers will help make your move easier and more efficient!

Preparing for Movers

There are some things you can do to make the process of packing and moving even smoother.

  • Clean and organize your items. Wash all of your dishes and clothes so they’ll be ready to pack and move.
  • Discard, donate, or sell items that do not need to be moved. This step will save you and the home packing services time and money, as they will only pack possessions that you truly want moved to your new home.
  • Organize items within their designated rooms. Make sure all of the items that belong in the family room are located there for the home packing services to pack up, for example. The movers will then label those items “family room” so they’ll know exactly where those boxes go when you arrive in your new home.

What You Can Do While Movers are Packing

The main thing to remember when professional movers are packing your home is that safety is paramount. Keep children and animals in a separate room from where your home packing services are working. If possible, hire a sitter or let the kids and pets play outside.

You can take the time while the movers are packing your possessions to clean areas where they are not working. Make sure there are no dishes left in the dishwasher and wipe it down, along with the refrigerator, stove, and sink while the home packing services are working in the bedrooms. Clean the bathrooms while they are packing up your dishes.

Items That Cannot Be Packed

Be aware that home packing services are not allowed to move everything in your home, primarily for safety reasons and often for legal reasons. Items that cannot be packed by professional movers include:

  • Flammable items
  • Hazardous materials
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Perishable food

Fox Moving & Storage Nashville Can Help with Your Home Packing Needs

At Fox Moving & Storage Nashville, we’re ready to help make your next move successful. Our home packing services save you time and stress, giving you the peace of mind that your items will arrive safely and securely. We have many specialized moving boxes just for your packing needs, such as those for wardrobes, mirrors, and dishes.

Our professional moving services include packing, unpacking, short-term storage, long-term storage, white glove moving, warehousing, and commercial and residential moving services. We’ve coordinated over 40,000 moves, so you can trust that we know our business.

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