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Moving to Nashville

Should You Move During the Winter?

Moving can be a daunting task during any season. But, for some, the idea of doing so during the coldest time of the year seems particularly challenging. So if you’re one of the many Nashvillians wondering whether to move in winter, read on. We’ll teach you some quick tips about how to easily relocate this […]

Long-Distance Moves to and From Nashville

Nashville is a thriving Southern capital city with a diverse economy, lower-than-average cost of living, nationally ranked colleges and universities, a vibrant culture and a world-famous live music scene. It’s also centrally located, with access to three interstate highways that put Middle Tennessee within a day’s drive of 75% of the U.S. With all these […]

What Is Nashville Known For?

Over the past few years, Nashville has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s best places to vacation, thanks largely to the city’s vibrant live music scene and attractions such as the Frist Art Museum. But Tennessee’s capital is more than a destination to add to your bucket list. It’s also an excellent place […]

Moving from Chattanooga to Nashville

You’ve made the decision to move from the mountains of Chattanooga to lively Nashville, Tennessee. Before you begin the actual moving process, you’re probably spending time planning and researching all you need to know about your new city. There’s plenty that Nashville has to offer, and coming prepared helps you take advantage of the benefits […]

What Is Considered a Long-Distance Move?

Are you moving to Nashville from another state or planning to move far away from your Middle Tennessee home? Moving comes with many crucial considerations and decisions, but one thing you might not have thought much about is whether your relocation counts as a long-distance move. Knowing the difference between a local and long-distance move […]

Home Buyers are Still Moving to Nashville

Even though some things have changed in the home search and moving experience, real estate agents and home buyers are finding their way around those changes. Remote home tours and virtual sales have become a new normal for home buyers, at least during the COVID-19 pandemic. When you are planning to move to Nashville, there […]

How Will Coronavirus Impact My Move?

The one thing that seems to be consistent during the COVID-19 pandemic is that plans will change. You may have planned to move to a new home within Nashville or across the country. Perhaps you secured a new job or want to be closer to family. You may have recently closed on a new home, […]

Home Packing Services

Moving is stressful. Even after you’ve gone through the long and often complicated process of finding a new home, you have a lot more work to do to get ready for your actual move. While you’ll need to clean and prepare your current home, switch utilities, and notify everyone of your new address, one thing […]

Getting to Know Your New Nashville Neighborhood

Moving to Nashville? Welcome! Moving to a new area in Nashville? That’s exciting! At Fox Moving and Storage Nashville, we recommend getting to know your new neighborhood before you move. When you arrive in your new home, you’ll be more prepared and will know what to expect. Whether you’re moving locally or from outside the […]

How to Survive a Long-Distance Move

Moving isn’t easy. Even if you relocate to the house next door, you still need to devote a lot of time and energy to get the job done. When you’re moving to a new city, however, the process becomes far more complicated. If you want to know how to survive a long-distance move, you’ve come […]